About Us

About Us

Skills for Good is a community of passionate individuals seeking to give back to the community and social sector. We provide a one-stop skilled volunteer matching platform where skilled volunteers are best matched to projects with social organisations. 

we enable

Social Organisations

to meet operational & strategic goals through our skilled volunteer pool

Skilled volunteers

to bring their much-needed expertise to create high value social impact



What is skills-based volunteering?

Volunteers use their talents and experiences to strengthen the capabilities of social organisations through services such as collateral design, strategic planning and social media marketing.

Our Mission

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To empower volunteers through convenient and meaningful skills-based volunteering opportunities that help social organisations to achieve their mission.​

Our Vision

Inspire youths to contribute their expertise to support and build the capacity of social organisations … anytime, anywhere.​


Meet the Team

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Ellie Lew Yi Ting.JPG

Head of Corporate


Chow Kai Jin

Head of Technology

Clarita Chua

Head of Business Development

Ellie Lew

Head of Account


Isaac Phua

Head of Account


Zhao Ruyan 

Wu Peilin.jpg

Head of Marketing

Wu Peilin