Meet the Team

Skills For Good started as an initiative to satisfy the insatiable passion of five students to create social impact. As we continue to expand, these are the silent warriors of SFG who help ensure that every operation and project is smooth sailing.

Business Development

Nothing is impossible for the Business Development department as members actively conduct outreach to social organisations for partnerships. Aside from assessing impact and creating case studies for future references, we can also count on their reliable writers to craft thought pieces for publicity.

Corporate Development

To ensure that SFG can continue doing what we do, the members of the Corporate Development department focus on ensuring financial stability. The members of this department work hard to build the road for the future by strategising our business model and creating education products for SFG!


The members of the marketing department help place Skills for Good on the map while managing outreach efforts to beneficiaries. Constantly ideating for ways to help us gain visibility and reach, these passionate people do not stop until they find the ideal social media marketing strategy!


Behind this website is the hard work and efforts of our tech crew! The technology department is committed to creating a fun and exciting journey for our beneficiaries as they explore the different skills-based volunteering opportunities that Skills for Good provides.

Account Management

Skills For Good would not be built without the strong foundation set by the Account Management department. This department is the backbone of our organisation as they ensure smooth operations by engaging with our volunteers actively while managing our current projects. Aside from creating and managing projects, they also focus on selecting the right volunteers for the projects and ensuring that volunteers are on track.