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Learn More about CareerSocius (NGO)

Founded in mid-2017, CareerSocius aims to empower all job-seekers to maximise their career potential, regardless of one’s identity. The social enterprise provides professional help in personal branding packages — such as resume writing, cover letter writing and interview preparations. In addition, they partner with different institutions and also conduct resume and interview workshops, providing insights on career discovery such as ways to crack into different work industries.

When COVID-19 struck, CareerSocius saw an influx in the number of customers on the personal branding front. With a greater engagement rate and a higher demand in their services, CareerSocius saw business booming, but with a price. With more workload to handle, the social enterprise, which relies heavily on its committee and team members, faced a manpower crunch. It was also then that CareerSocius experienced an increase in people joining its team.

However, they were lacking in the area of marketing. As marketing requires the conceptualisation and creation of captivating content for the audience, Victor added that it can be difficult finding someone to be passionately engaging with the content they create. Fortunately, CareerSocius received more help in its marketing area through SkillsForGood.

With a great pool of volunteers made up of fresh graduates from diverse disciplines including Social Sciences, Business and even Engineering, CareerSocius’s marketing team of two was able to hear from different perspectives in terms of content creation. While some had rich experience in copywriting and design, there were others who were just starting out. The diverse backgrounds of SkillForGood’s volunteers brought in different perspectives which benefited the efficiency of the project. On top of that, the enthusiasm and willingness of the volunteers also helped significantly in ensuring the smooth completion of the projects.

Working together, The CareerSocius X Skills for Good project team wrote a series of articles on how to land, survive and thrive in one’s first job. As a result, the insightful articles from the collaboration were extremely well received by the public.

As CareerSocius creates resonant resources and stories for people to find their dream career, they also emphasize the importance of a volunteer resonating with the cause they are working for. Victor emphasised “It is important that you are passionate in learning about a particular tool and committing to the entire volunteering experience. If a volunteer’s own learning and resonates with what the company is looking out for, then it is definitely the best.”

While he recommends SkillsForGood to other social organisations, Victor emphasised the importance of knowing what kind of help one’s organisation requires. For example, SkillsForGood offered a brilliant pool for CareerSocius to tap on as the volunteers came with robust skill sets others were receptive in learning through the new opportunities.

“Working with Skills For Good has been a seamless experience. Through Skills for Good, we were able to gain access to dedicated volunteers that share our social cause and the work delivered by our project team was top-notch and really elevated our brand presence.”

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