Project Details



Expected Hours: 

No. of Volunteers:

Mar 22


Jun 21

3 months

3-5 hours/week


Collateral Creation

Yellow Ribbon Project


Who we are

We build bridges of hope for offenders and their families.
We contribute to a safer community by successfully reintegrating offenders.
We exemplify and lead in creating a more compassionate society that offers second chances.

What to expect

Objective: Design marketing collaterals to raise awareness and encourage donors to contribute regularly to the Yellow Ribbon Project Fund. The Yellow Ribbon Project fund supports 2 programmes, the YRF STAR Bursary and the Yellow Brick Road Programme. The YRF Star Bursary is a bursary that ex-offenders can apply for to further their tertiary education and the Yellow Brick Road programme focuses on providing academic and socio-emotional support for the families and children of inmates.  


  • Design 2 Newsletters to be sent every 6 months in 2021 

  • Design a Pamphlet to be distributed through telecommunication firms and PUB to the general public to attract donations for the Yellow Ribbon Project fund.

What we look for

Graphic Design

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