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Expected Hours: 

No. of Volunteers:

Mar 8


Jun 14

3 months

2-3 hours/week


Market Research

World Toilet Organization


Who we are

The World Toilet Organization was established with the aim to break the taboo around toilets and the sanitation crisis. Since 2001, we have lobbied governments, public and private sector stakeholders and the international community to prioritize sanitation in the development agenda.

What to expect

We are looking for a research saavy volunterer to create a compendium of toilet standards. WTO first produced the ICC – Global Guideline for Practical Public Toilet Design in 2011 and is keen to update the existing standards to make it relevant for the current market needs. The principal purpose of the ICC Guideline series is to provide a state –of-the –art volume of knowledge that will contribute to public health, safety and general welfare in the built environment. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Research and document current guidelines and standards for Practical Public Toilet Design  

  • Compile and Update the existing guidelines and align them with the current market trends  - Map and document market trends in the field of Public Toilets  

  • Coordinate and communicated with the stakeholders and Council and Development Committee.  - Work closely with WTO team, Council and Development Committee for the Global Guideline for Practical Public Toilet Design.  

  • Support WTO team in selection and recruitment of the Council and Development Committee members.  


World Toilet Standard Guidelines Book

What we look for

Marketing Research Communication

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