Project Details



Expected Hours: 

No. of Volunteers:

Aug 02


Sep 03

1 months



UI/UX Web Design

Stag Match


Who we are

Stag Match® is a registered education business that has become a leading education business in the education industry. It is also considered a social good organisation due to its CSR partnerships and use of their LMS system to help the needy.

What to expect

Objective: The volunteer will work closely with the website developer to streamline the user flow and improve user experience on the organisation's official website.

 Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • The volunteer will receive details of the requirements and features to be displayed on the website 

  • In charge of coming up with the user flow on how the feature should be accessed, end to end

  • (For example, the steps a public user needs to undergo to sign up as an instructor or a student on the website). 

  • No coding is required by the volunteer.

What we look for

Website Design

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