Project Details



Expected Hours: 

No. of Volunteers:

Oct 12


Dec 1

3 months

5-6 hours/ week


Web Design



Who we are

When NuLife was first set up, our focus was primarily on youth-at risk. We sought to help them cope with their challenges and rise above their circumstances. We also provided ex-probationers the support they needed to feel empowered to take back control of their lives and reintegrate into society.

What to expect

Enhance NuLife's web design and improve on its user interface and experience

1. Analyze NuLife's webpage and suggest ideas to improve UI/UX and aesthetics


2. Present ideas to NuLife's management team and align on design and UI/UX decisions

3. Prepare website improvement ideas on powerpoint or any other suitable application to guide NuLife's web developers on how to improve web design

What we look for

Graphic Design UI/UX

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