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Expected Hours: 

No. of Volunteers:

Sep 1


Nov 1

2 months

1-2 hours

Webinar / Chat Setup

Filos Community Services


Who we are

Filos Community Services is a not-for-profit social service organization. We focus on building the strengths of the community we live in. We work towards empowering individuals and families to live more fulfilling, meaningful and happier lives.

What to expect

Co-hosting and facilitation of 2 webinars to teach volunteers how to make full use of digital tools to engage the beneficiaries:

1. Demonstrating the use of Zoom on Mac, as well as annotations and tools within Zoom to facilitate teaching to the Children & Youth beneficiaries

2. Explore & suggest apps / programmes outside of Zoom to facilitate teaching 

3. Demonstrate use of

What we look for

Event Management

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