Project Details



Expected Hours: 

No. of Volunteers:

Jul 1


Oct 7

3 months

1-2 hrs/wk


Webinar Facilitation

Happiness Initiative


Who we are

Happiness Initiative is a social enterprise that translates the science of happiness and well-being into actions people can take. Hence, helping people live a more fulfilling life and take a preventive approach towards mental health conditions.

What to expect

Objective: Happiness Initiative frequently holds Brown Bag Sessions, which are virtual networking sessions via ZOOM. They are currently recruiting webinar facilitators who can engage the audience in breakout sessions. The first session is on 17th June 8pm-9.30pm and workshops are held on a fortnightly basis at the same time and same platform format.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Facilitate discussions in small breakout rooms to engage the audience encourage organic discussions

  2. Monitor time

  3. Summarise discussions in breakout rooms to the main room

What we look for

Event Management

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