Project Details



Expected Hours: 

No. of Volunteers:

Dec 10


Feb 10 '21

2 months

5-6 hours/week


Website Design

10:10 Media Productions


Who we are

10:10 Media Productions Pte Ltd is a production company that believes in inclusivity, providing employment and credible training for marginalised young adults, enabling them to become independent media professionals.

What to expect

Website design for 10.10 Media Productions webpage: 

1. Analyze 10.10's webpage and suggest ideas to improve UI/UX and aesthetics 

(10.10 is using a web builder with code access and visual editor)

2. Present ideas to 10.10's management and align on design and UI/UX decisions 

3. Once changes are confirmed, modify the website (code available, no need to code from scratch) 

What we look for

Coding Graphic Design

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