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Social Innovation Park Limited


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Sep 27


Mar 21


6 months

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Who we are

Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP) is an impartial, not-for-profit organisation based in Singapore that seeks to incubate changemakers across the 3P – people, public and private – sectors, to bring positive innovations to lives and societies, through cross-sector, high-impact collaborations.

What to expect

Objective: To research on potential website migration and design and implement the website for Social Innovation Park!

Roles & Responsibilities: 

1. Determine the optimal platform for Social Innovation Park to develop the website

2. Collaborate with copywriters to design a draft wireframe/prototype to align the user-journey and web designs with the management 

3. Implement the wireframe designs into the Social Innovation Park website through the chosen platform

What we look for

Expertise Level Required: Medium 

Required skills:

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