Non-profit organisations and social enterprises are in need of passionate and committed volunteers like you to help them with their digital operations, marketing or strategy. Join our community of passionate and like-minded volunteers with this simple 3-step process!

Step 1

Search available projects in the Browse Projects Page and apply for that specific project.

Step 2

The team will contact you for further instructions to undergo a selection process.

Step 3

After you have been selected, confirm scope and expectations of the project with the social good organization and the project is kickstarted!

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Happiness Initiative



Webinar Facilitation

Happiness Initiative frequently holds Brown Bag Sessions, which are virtual networking sessions via ZOOM. They are currently recruiting webinar facilitators who can engage the audience in breakout sessions.


3 months

Expected Hours

1-2 hrs/wk

Happiness Initiative



Content Creation

Work together with the Marketing lead from Happiness Initiative to create content to be publicised on their social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook!


1 month

Expected Hours

2-3 hrs/wk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have no work experience, can I still volunteer?

Yes, you can! As long as you have done similar projects in the past (e.g. portfolio of designed collaterals, any certifications etc.) or have attended the relevant courses, you definitely can volunteer your skills. Do include any qualifications in the comments section to better ease the selection process.

What will the job scope be like?

Every project is different, and therefore, the scope of work will be diverse too! It really depends on the projects that you get staffed on.

Is the volunteer work remote or physical?

It is remote and that is why you can make a difference anytime, anywhere!

When do projects start?

Projects are on an ad-hoc basis and start when suitable volunteers are matched to it. New projects will be posted every Thursday and the applications will be closed on the following Monday for immediate projects.

Immediate projects are projects that require volunteers to start immediately and will usually start 1-2 weeks after their application closes.

What does strategy mean?

Strategy projects for social organisations generally revolve around assessing their processes, capabilities, organization objectives and their relevant external environment to derive insights, guidelines and frameworks to drive improvement and growth. Some strategy projects we offer include impact assessment, growth strategy and process optimisation.

Will there be teammates to work on the project together?

It depends on the scope and how large the project is. The number of volunteers needed in the project is shown in the project description page.

Where can I check out past projects and volunteers?

Get to know more about our inspiring and passionate volunteers in Skills for Good and the impact they have created in our series called Volunteer Diaries at The Skills For Good Team - Medium !